Don't Get Caught Up in the Dirty Power Games of the Big Energy Companies


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The Big Three electricity retailers – AGL Energy, Origin Energy and EnergyAustralia – supply about 90% of households in New South Wales, 95% in Queensland and 70% in Victoria.

They've got the market sewn up. That means they can pretty much charge their customers whatever they like.  And they do.

Our report  – 'The Dirty Power Games of The Big Energy Companies' – shows the average retail markup on a power bill from the Big Three is 2–3 times higher than in the ACT, where the market is regulated.

At the same time, the Big Three are major contributors to Australia's carbon emissions through the dirty fossil fuel-burning power stations they own.  


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GetUp's Better Power campaign offers an affordable, greener alternative to the Big Three

We've partnered with Powershop, an innovative energy retailer that shares our vision for a renewable future in Australia.

Powershop is Australia's first and only certified carbon-neutral electricity retailer and is owned by a 100% renewable energy company rather than a coal-guzzling power generator.

More than 19,000 people in Victoria, NSW and South East Queensland have already joined the campaign — hitting the Big Three in the profits and offsetting an estimated 117,000 tonnes of carbon.

Powershop has no lock-in contracts or exit fees – so you can switch with confidence.

For every person that signs up as part of this campaign, GetUp receives a payment, so everyone who makes the move is also helping raise funds for GetUp's important work in the environmental sector.


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