Our Partners

Making the switch through Better Power isn't just about standing up for the environment and everyday consumers, it's also about providing much-needed funds for GetUp's renewable energy and anti-CSG campaigns.

And now you can spread the love and support a cause you are passionate about through one of our partnerships with some of the most active and well-respected non-profits in the environmental sector.

For every person who signs up through one of our partnership links below, Better Power will donate two-thirds of our standard commission to help support the chosen organisation, with the last third going towards our own campaigning.

It's our way of saying thanks, and celebrating organisations that have done the hard work out in the community to spread the word about moving to a cleaner energy sector – one that's not reliant on dirty coal, gas and CSG.

Our Land, Our Water, Our Future

Our Land, Our Water, Our Future works tirelessly around the goal of creating an ecologically sustainable, resilient and just society. A key ally in the fight against coal seam gas, the organisation is a vocal opponent of fossil fuel mining in environmentally sensitive areas.

Switch and contribute to
Our Land, Our Water, Our Future

Lock the Gate Alliance

A national movement to protect Australia's environmental, cultural and agricultural resources from CSG and fossil fuel mining, Lock the Gate is a coalition of thousands of farmers, traditional custodians, conservationists and urban residents from across Australia.

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