Aaron Deane

Like any major decision, my reasons for switching to a renewable energy provider are based on years of growth and experience; I grew up in a small town in the national park on the far north coast, so I have a very strong bond with nature, complimented by several years of studying an undergraduate degree in environmental science, I have become a passionate, educated, advocate for a broad spectrum of environmental causes. However, change is not always an easy thing to do, and I guess finally it was someone making it easy for me that initiated the switch. If I'd owned my own home, installing solar power would've been easy, there's infrastructure and services available to allow this to happen. But, being a renter it seems very hard to actually make these changes in your life. This is not helped by the complete apathy of pre-existing companies and the really high rates they charge, to have access to renewables, leaving many people without the impetus to change.

There is also a culture, I believe, in Australia where people do things "as they have always been done" (hilarious considering we are a nation of merely a few hundreds of years); in many ways people still vote, live, and work as their parents and grandparents did, and in some cases a conformity to community, a fear of not having what everyone else has, of being different. Sadly this is perpetuated by the government of the day, and without going into their personal affiliations and invested interests, they appear to be singularly bent on curtailing as much personal power and freedom of choice from everyday Australians as possible, mostly through creating a growing atmosphere of confusion and fear, subtly disenfranchising the people they should represent.

When the Better Power campaign arrived in my inbox, I was horrified to discover that I was paying Australia's greatest polluter for my electricity and I immediately jumped on board to disconnect our household. I did my own research on Powershop, and everything I could find about them, customer feedback, reviews, reports, articles, told me that this was a reliable, conscientious company, who were committed to their ideals of utilising our abundant renewable resources. I was impressed by the personal attention to detail they give their customers, with their ethical and environmentally-minded engagement with the community, things which were decidely lacking in the service offered by every power provider I had previously had the (dis)pleasure of dealing with.

And there's no going back for me.