About Us

Better Power is an exciting new consumer movement to help everyday Australians get a better deal on their electricity – both for themselves, and for the environment.

We only partner with companies with strong environmental and consumer-friendly credentials, ones that are committed to clean, renewable energy, rather than relying on coal and other fossil fuels for their power generation. We ensure our partners are low cost and affordable for everyday Australians so our switchers get the best possible rates for their energy supply.

Then we make it quick and easy for you to switch, so you can finally feel good when you turn on your lights at home or at the office. Not only that, we provide the hard-to-get vital information consumers need to make the right choice about their electricity supplier, so you can see exactly where your power company stands on the issues that matter to you.

More than 17,000 people across New South Wales and Victoria have already switched to a low-cost, environmentally-friendly electricity provider using Better Power.

Why switch?

  • Currently, a full third of Australia’s carbon emissions comes from our electricity usage. We’re actually one of the most coal-dependent developed countries in the world - with 85% of our electricity still coming from coal-fired power. This is despite Australia being a perfect place to make renewable energy - we have endless sunshine, wind and big coastal tides.
  • If you’re like 9 out of 10 Australians, you support renewable energy and want to see more of it. But right now there’s a big mismatch between our feelings and our actions, because some of us still buy our power from companies that make energy by burning coal or by fracking for coal seam gas.
  • Australians deserve better – both for themselves and the environment. The great news is that it’s now easy to switch to a cleaner, low cost power company, that only invests in renewable energy, with prices that are often as cheap or even cheaper than dirty power companies.
  • Through Better Power, thousands of Australians just like you are finding out that making a fresh start with a new, cleaner energy company isn't just easy and affordable, it feels great too! Join them now, and make the switch today!

Why electricity?

Electricity is a big deal for Australians.

We use it every day, we can't live without it, but it is also the biggest contributor to Australia's skyhigh carbon emissions, as well as each household's own carbon footprint.

It's also one of the biggest household expenses for many families, and with cost of living on the rise, consumers are making a stand and voting with their wallets for companies that respect their concerns around the household budget.

That's why we launched Better Power, because Australia deserves strong, robust and competitive energy sector – one that values cheaper rates for consumers as well as better outcomes for the environment.

Better Power and GetUp

The idea for the Better Power campaign came from GetUp members, who were asking us for ways they could make more positive choices in their day-to-day lives and use their power as consumers to drive change in the energy industry.

A key part of the Better Power campaign is the funds it raises for environmental causes. GetUp receives a commission from Powershop for every person who switches, with all money raised going towards our renewable energy and anti-CSG campaigning. This comes at no cost to you – Better Power switchers are on exactly the same rates as every other Powershop customer.

Switch now!