Don't pay the big polluters another cent.


Switch your electricity company today and help support renewable energy.


The Big Three electricity retailers are the first, second and fourth biggest carbon polluters in Australia 1 That means if you're buying your electricity from AGL, EnergyAustralia or Origin, you're a customer of a company that's driving devastating climate change.

But there is an alternative. You can join 20,000 households in Victoria, NSW and South East Queensland who have made the switch to an affordable, greener power company.

GetUp has partnered with Powershop — ranked Australia’s greenest power company by Greenpeace three times running.2 Powershop are Australia's first and only certified carbon-neutral retailer. They are backed by a renewable energy generator and actively support community renewables.

Plus, Powershop will provide a financial contribution to GetUp for every person who switches their electricity via this campaign. Since Better Power launched in 2014, we've raised more than $2 million for the fight for climate justice.

Join the Better Power campaign today and ditch your dirty energy company for good.

Why switch to Powershop?


  • Powershop’s online account and mobile app also make payment a quick and easy process, simply log in and pay using your credit card, bank details or BPay.
  • Powershop have a 60-day guarantee and no lock-in contracts or exit fees — giving you confidence to trial a greener power company.
  • Powershop’s online tools and apps make it easy to track your electricity usage and costs so you can gain more control over your electricity bills and actively reduce your environmental impact.
  • Powershop are Australia's first and only 100% carbon-neutral electricity company and are owned by Meridian Energy Limited, Australasia’s largest 100% renewable energy generator.
  • Rooftop solar owners can access the same rates as non-solar owners, while also receiving a generous feed-in tariff.
  • GetUp receives a financial contribution for every person that switches via the Better Power campaign, which goes towards funding our important work in the environmental sector.

Got more questions? Check out our FAQs here!

By switching to Powershop you can help do your part to save the planet. You can switch to a greener electricity provider in around 5 minutes online or over the phone, just call 1800 658 433.


  1. National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting — Clean Energy Regulator, February 2017.
  2. Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide 2014, 2015 & 2018.