Cleaner Future

  • Ranked greenest energy retailer in Australia by Greenpeace last year
  • Australia's only carbon neutral power provider, offsetting all the emissions its customers produce via their electricity consumption through UN-certified carbon offsets
  • Owned by a 100% renewable energy generator, Meridian Energy, with two Australian wind farms producing enough electricity to power more than 100,000 average homes a year
  • Have invested over $1 billion in Australian renewable energy already
  • Only power company in Australia to make a submission to government fully supporting the 41,000GWh Renewable Energy Target before it was cut
  • Meridian and Powershop feed more renewable power into the Australian Energy Market grid than the total electricity its customers take out
  • Committed to only ever investing in renewable energy, and never in coal, coal seam gas or other fossil fuels
  • Highly commended: Green Lifestyle Awards 2014, Business category