Consumer Friendly

  • An innovative, modern power company that does things differently
  • A consumer-focussed ethos, centred around putting power back into the hands of its customers
  • Cutting-edge mobile app tracks your power usage to help you save electricity, and even more money
  • Weekly and monthly emails show how much power you're using and providing weekly comparisons and special deals
  • Online account tools provide on-going, up-to-date information on power usage and costs
  • Flexible payment options, including monthly billing and prepaid options so you can buy in advance when prices are cheaper
  • A high level of customer satisfaction, proving it's possible to love your power company! A 2015 Better Power switcher survey shows a satisfaction rate of 90%, with 70% saying they'll recommend the switch to friends and family
  • Winner of Australia’s Happiest Energy Customers 2015 by ServiceRage
  • Finalist in Australian Mobile & App Design Awards, 2014