The biggest energy companies in the country are also our worst polluters.
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What's your energy company's dirty secret?

AGL paints itself as a renewable energy champion, but just this year it’s been ranked Australia’s biggest climate polluter. After buying a couple of big dirty coal power stations in 2014, AGL’s emissions more than doubled - rising by a staggering 120 per cent in just two years! In fact, AGL pumps more carbon into the atmosphere every year than the whole of New Zealand.
Australia's top polluters

AGL emits more carbon pollution than 127 countries including Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark, Sri Lanka and Norway

Estimated cost of pollution
Origin Energy has been racing up the carbon pollution rankings in recent years and is now number four on the big polluters list. While the rest of the world is cutting down on coal, Origin has been ramping it up since buying the Eraring coal-fired power station in NSW. In 2015-2016 Origin’s carbon pollution output was greater than that of the whole of Iceland.

Origin emits more carbon pollution than 100 countries including Iceland, Albania, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Kenya and Zimbabwe

Estimated cost of pollution
Our number two polluter, EnergyAustralia spews out more carbon dioxide in one year than 108 entire countries. The company operates Mount Piper, Wallerawang and Yallourn - the massive coal-fired power stations behind its sky-high carbon output. Yallourn, in Victoria’s beautiful La Trobe Valley, burns 2,400 tonnes of coal every single hour, sourced directly from its own dirty open-cut mine.

EnergyAustralia emits more carbon pollution than 108 countries including Iceland, Congo, Mongolia, Albania, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Zimbabwe

Estimated cost of pollution
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What is Better Power?

The Better Power campaign was launched by GetUp to provide Australians with access to greener, affordable alternatives to Australia’s largest energy companies.

GetUp has partnered with Powershop – ranked Australia’s greenest energy retailer by Greenpeace (Green Electricity Guide 2014 & 2015). With Powershop, you could pay less for your energy and help save the planet at the same time.

Why switch to Powershop?

  • Powershop is one of the cheapest electricity retailers in NSW and VIC, so you could save on your electricity bill.
  • Powershop has a 60-day guarantee and no lock-in contracts or exit fees - giving you confidence to trial a greener power company.
  • Powershop’s online tools and apps make it easy to track your electricity usage and costs so you can gain more control over your electricity bills and actively reduce your environmental impact.
  • Powershop is 100% carbon neutral and is owned by Meridian Energy Limited, Australasia’s largest 100% renewable electricity generator.
  • GetUp receives a payment for every switcher which goes towards funding our important work in the environmental sector.
  • By switching to Powershop you can help do your part to save the planet. You can switch to a cleaner, greener electricity provider in under 5 minutes online or over the phone, just call 1800 658 433.
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