What is GreenPower?

At Better Power, we're all about helping people make the greenest possible choices for their household energy. That's why we encourage our switchers to make the move to GreenPower once they've signed up with Powershop.

GreenPower is a government-accredited program that drives extra renewable energy into the grid by displacing all, or some, of your electricity usage with renewable energy.

That means if you buy 100% GreenPower, every time you switch on a light, use a microwave, watch footy with your mates, or simply use your computer to read websites like this, you'll have peace of mind knowing that for all the power you use, the equivalent amount will be pulled into the grid from a 100% renewable energy source.

The best thing about GreenPower is that it is additional to the government's Renewable Energy Target, so your household or business will be at the forefront of supporting renewable energy in Australia and driving our progress to a clean energy future.

GreenPower costs a little extra – an additional 6c per kilowatt-hour with Powershop – but if you can afford it it's a great way to give direct support to renewable energy and show the entire industry you care about driving more clean energy into the grid.

GreenPower Flow Chart