Jan Smith

I was becoming increasingly concerned with the government’s embarrassing attitude to climate change and especially fracking, and read a Get-Up article detailing Powershop’s entry to the NSW electricity market. Electricity is a significant business cost in running a large warehouse and offices, and I was staggered by the difference in unit cost between Powershop and my old provider. This is without taking into account the extra savings available online, the ease of use, and the excellent customer service.

I like the honesty of the way prices are presented (inclusive of GST and service fees), the way they reflect the market, the fact that I am making significant savings, and that my electricity is offset by the UN Certified Emission Reduction certificates. I hated my old provider pestering me to switch back by suddenly offering me discounts after years of loyalty – this is definitely not how we treat our customers!

We are now acquiring solar panels and LED lights with the money saved.