Jennifer Gibson

"I feel very strongly about the complete disregard the current government has for climate change. The financial support that it provides to the coal industry through tax breaks is corporate greed and cronyism at it's worst, without any concern for the future of the planet's biodiversity and the environmental legacy we are creating for our children. As a sun drenched continent in the midst of a massive brain drain, when our scientists are being forced overseas through lack of government funding, we should be investing heavily into research and development and leading the way in renewable energy in the global energy revolution. We should not be rewarding energy providers who are trying to quash renewable energy targets for the financial gain of the mining industry.

I decided to switch to Powershop because I no longer wanted my money going to AGL, one of the dirty three. Once I made the switch, which was very smooth and easy, the opportunity for daily usage monitoring made us acutely aware of where our power was being used. We have changed the way we light our home, the way that we cook and the time that we use our appliances to help us further reduce our power usage. As the bills came in and we started doing comparisons we had made some significant savings in how much we paid for power, sometimes over 20%. It focused us so much on our carbon footprint that we then went on to install a small 2kW solar system"