Smart Meters

If you don’t have a smart meter and live in New South Wales or Queensland, Powershop can provide you with one, free of charge*.

Smart meters track your electricity usage in real-time, thus making your bills more accurate and giving you valuable data that can help reduce your electricity consumption.

Smart meters are available to most home owners, although some circumstances may make the installation a bit more tricky, or not possible at all. See below for more information about possible circumstances that may affect your installation.

To find out more from Powershop about the smart meter offer, visit

To request a smart meter installation, head to

If you have any problems with your installation, or any questions whatsoever about the process, please get in touch with Powershop on 1800 462 668 or GetUp at

* The smart meter installation will be free in most circumstances. However in the event there are any costs associated with the smart meter install, Powershop will contact you prior to any work taking place and seek your agreement to the costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a smart meter?

A smart meter measures your household’s electricity usage and sends that data back to your power company on a rolling basis. It replaces your existing meter.

It means your household can get accurate, up-to-date reports on how much power you’re using and what it means for your monthly bill. That means no more monthly estimates or manual reads by you or your distributor!

If you have solar, it will also report your export data to Powershop.

How does the smart meter transmit the data?

Smart meters send the data via a mobile carrier (Optus, Vodafone or Telstra) at no cost to the householder.

What are the details of the smart meter offer?

Powershop will arrange installation of a smart meter free of charge, unless there are safety issues or additional works required. In the case of additional costs, Powershop will discuss the issues with you and get your consent before the installation takes place.

Your tariffs or rates do not change after the smart meter installation, and the installation comes with no additional contractual obligations or lock-in periods.

Having a smart meter will not prohibit you from changing retailers – however if you change retailers before the installation is carried out, Powershop will not continue with the installation.

If you rent or live in a property with a Body Corporate or Owners Corporation, you should contact your landlord or discuss with the relevant body prior to installation, as you may need to get their consent.

Can every property get a smart meter installed?

Sometimes Powershop will be unable to arrange installation of the smart meter for reasons which might include:

  • No room in the meter box
  • No isolation fuse on the meter board – this is particularly a problem for properties with large power boards or electricity usage
  • Insufficient mobile reception – typically a problem in regional areas
  • Inability to isolate your apartment without affecting your neighbours
  • Poor wiring
  • The current metering arrangement
  • The presence of asbestos or other safety hazards
  • Evidence of meter tampering (which we’re required to report to the appropriate regulator)

If you think any of the above might affect your ability to install a smart meter, please get in touch with Powershop on 1800 462 668.

In the event Powershop can’t arrange installation of a smart meter at your property, they will be in touch to explain the reasons.

I’m having a problem with my smart meter installation

The first step is to get in touch with Powershop on 1800 462 668. You can also drop us a line at and we will do our best to assist.