Why did GetUp choose Powershop as a Better Power company?


Powershop impressed GetUp with its environmental credentials and its commitment to a sustainable, clean energy sector. It is Australia's only carbon neutral retailer, offsetting all the emissions its customers may produce via their electricity consumption. Not only that, it's owned by a 100% renewable energy generator with a commitment to only ever invest in renewables like wind and hydro, and never in dirty and polluting fossil fuels like coal and coal seam gas.

In fact, Powershop and Meridian feed more renewable energy into the grid than the total amount of electricity their retail customers use, meaning together they make a carbon and renewable positive contribution to Australian market. Because of its investments and its commitment to renewable energy, Powershop was twice ranked greenest electricity retailer in Australia by Greenpeace (Green Electricity Guide 2014 & 2015).

Powershop also has a strong focus on customer service and consumer issues, and has been ranked among the cheapest in Victoria by the government's Essential Services Commission and the St Vincent de Paul Society's Tariff Tracker, with highly competitive rates across the markets they operate in.